After being acquired by its present owners in 2003, Heatherwold Stud underwent a complete facelift. We have two spacious American barns, encompassing a state of the art foaling unit, and veterinary room, with a leading vet who visits the stud first thing every morning throughout the stud season.
Weigh scales are located here on site which enable us to monitor growth and development closely.

Heatherwold’s foaling team are on hand day and night during the breeding season, alternating shifts around the clock. This is helped by the 24 hour CCTV cameras in each of the foaling boxes that can be watched through our app on our phones, laptops and tablets.

foal suckling from mother at Heatherwold Stud
foal at Heatherwold Stud
Castaway Queen and foal at Heatherwold Stud